New Home

My blog has a new home. My old domain name has unfortunately expired and I’ve decided not to renew it. Primarily because of financial reasons, and secondly because I think I am ready to move on. I am no longer actively seeking video work – although if it were offered I’d happiyl partake, and thus don’t feel the need to keep so active in the blogosphere. I have gotten a total of one email about where my blog went. One person.

Only one person who isn’t a fellow blogger, has asked about it. That’s reason enough not to keep it. I’m hoping to create something different with this, but I am not sure where it will progress to. Stories, anecdotes, probably very few, if any, pictures – is where this blog will remain.

Also a lot in my life is changing right now.  We’re moving on Tuesday, June 30th to a new (albeit temporary for 6 months) apartment, and school starts in September.  Once it starts, my life is going to get very busy, very quickly.  My course load will be demanding, time consuming, and tough. I’d like to focus on my writing more, and that includes spanking and other erotic stories!