Play vs. Sessions

Recently someone sent me a message asking about the upcoming Shadow Lane party and how it was, etc.  As a male bottom, he worried that it would be difficult to find any female tops who play.  And by play, I mean those who don’t charge for their services.  His question got me thinking.  The majority of female tops I know DO do private, paid sessions.  The majority also fall under the category of mistresses or fem domme’s as well, as opposed to strict spankers.  Although all have an affinity for spanking as well.

I wonder, do female tops seek out play like male tops, or even female bottoms like myself do?  I join websites, and network, and seek out casual play partners in my area, and at parties.  I understand the market for paid sessions – a lot of people not only want, but require for various reasons, privacy with this sort of thing.  Not all of us have the luxury of playing openly.

So now I’m curious  – will there be female spankers at Shadow Lane (or other parties…) who are looking for play like the proverbial “you or I” would?  I feel like if there are male bottoms out there just like me, shouldn’t they have just as many options as I do for play? I can play publicly, or privately, for free, or if I wanted I could go to a professional.  If this is the concern of one person, then it must be on others minds as well.

– Marie


A little bit more…

about this new blog…

It’s going to be different.  I am going to try and write more meaningfully.  I want what I write to have more behind it, and not simply be fueled for “fans”.  I am over that.  While I use the name Kate James for video work, etc. to protect my privacy, I am *not* Kate James.  I am Marie.  And video work is only a part of who I am.  That said, I hope this new endeaver takes off and does well.  Pictures will be less important than the words on this blog.  That being said, here’s one to welcome us back to blogging!