Discipline & Personal Responsibility

No one but me is responsible for my behavior and actions.

That doesn’t sound like a very profound statement, but it is. Especially within this scene. For many, spanking has roots in discipline and punishment. For many, they want to be held accountable for negative behavior by their top/significant other who plays that role.

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Ana & Jonathan: Part 1

Ana stood in the corner, hands on her head, thinking.  She was quite shocked at the position she had put herself in.  While she’d received many a spanking as an adult, she never thought the ad would be answered, and when it was, she couldn’t imagine backing out.

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Meaningful Spankings

Sometimes, you connect with a spanker on a level that is unknown to even you.  It’s a level where you feel comfortable being you, down to the raw and sometimes negative traits.  A level where you feel safe being vulnerable, knowing you won’t be taken advantage of.  Spankings from them allow you to go into an isolated place in your head where difficult things need sorting.  Inner demons, personal struggles, and even personal triumphs.

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