10 Minute Fiction

I gave myself 10 minutes to write this, so sorry if there’s bad grammar and stuff.  Usually I take much more time to write even short stories. M/m spanking implied.

Started at 11:14 pm and completed at 11:24 pm, October 29, 2009.


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Protected: Relationships…and stuff

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Attention to Detail

Part of what I like the most about stories that I read, are the details.  Enough adjectives and visual clues so that I can actually imagine the scene in my mind are what really make me enjoy a good story.  This is true in normal fiction as well.  The longer, the more detailed, the better.

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Scolding & Spanking Psychology

I was talking scolding with someone this morning, and it spurred lots of thought on my end.

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I’ve got a plethora of fantasies floating around in my head right now, but I’m not quite ready to share most of them.  One of them, however, has been around for many many moons.

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Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday – words from Casey Morgan.

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Someone recently posted a comment on my Defiance post, asking about safewords and their use in the kind of scene I described.  I am hoping this answers their question but I am really curious about input from those that read here.

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Blending, Fears, and Socializing

Most people who know me in NYC would rightfully assume that I am a very social person.  Well, this isn’t completely false because in the context that they often see me, I am.  At spanking parties I often kill the shyness with childlike excitement about getting spanked (yeah, yeah, yeah!) and thus am very talkative.  I however, don’t socialize much outside of the scene.

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Have you ever felt really defiant while being spanked?  I don’t mean genuinely wanting to fight and get off the lap you’re over, but just wanting to kick and squirm, be held tight, and reassured that no matter how much of that you do, it won’t be ending anytime soon.

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Pixie recently blogged about embarrassment and humiliation during spankings and it sparked some thoughts in me.  Rather than leave her a never ending comment, I decided to elaborate here.  She brought up the fact that there is indeed a fine line between the kind of embarrassment which can harm already fragile self esteem, and the other kind – the kind which makes you squirm and blush, and for me, is even a turn on.

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Just Because

“You need to be spanked hard, regularly.” – a wise soul

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Protected: 35

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The Chase 1.0

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Love Our Lurkers 2009!

Well, welcome to the fourth annual Love Our Lurkers Day!! I remember my personal first love our lurkers day in 2007.  I didn’t participate but I remember reading all the posts and even commenting on a few blogs.  2008 was the first year I participated and it was a lot of fun.  Granted, it was on my old domain, there’s always a time for change, right?

I know not a lot of people read here, but I am hoping that will change soon, with the addition of more posts now that I have a more regular schedule, and with more interaction.  I am hoping more people come out and read, and even more so, those who ARE reading…tell me! If you’re feeling shy still and don’t want to comment, please send me an email at thatgirlmarie [at] gmail [dot] com.

I had a busy weekend which is highly unusual for me.  There was a spanking party, and then I went to Paddles (more on that later or tomorrow), and then Sunday night I went to the infamous Suspension party in the east village and it was incredible.  I highly encourage new comers to come out and play today, reading and commenting on blogs, and hope you’ll find something that makes you happy so maybe you too can have awesome busy weekends.

So, delurk with your answer to THIS fancy question: What is your favorite implement to use/have used on you, and why? How does it make you feel? Does it hold a special connection for you?

Special thanks to Bonnie for organizing this day!

To make it more fun, a lot of my friends and favorite bloggers are participating! Rad wrote about coffee IVs and making noise at parties, Mija wrote about lemon twists, Sandy shared a LoLCat…get it? Dev thanks his readers,  Sparkle (Serenity) talks about her butler, Casey offers a bribe (or two, or three…), Eliane shares her own memories of lurking and not commenting, and Scarlet offers more bribes, while Erica asks for your favorite cereal (maybe she’s going grocery shopping?)

And my own bribe? I will post a racey picture from my recent Suspension party if at least 10 people comment 🙂


FIC: Max & Kate in The City: Don’t Walk

A side note: the first half of this story happened, but the spanking at home didn’t. That one smack was enough that now whenever I come to a crosswalk, by myself or with friends, I stop, no matter what the sign says or who’s walking! And if the red hand is blinking, that just means ‘If you walk now, your butt will be that red!”

– Marie

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