This is a mini follow up to the post I made earlier today about getting into my head.  Something we discuss a lot in school is intent.  Intent behind touch, words, strokes etc.  When applying specific strokes there are obvious physiological effects.  However, depending on the muscle or area you’re applying that stroke, and the reason, you can affect the physiological effect.

One of these is muscle stripping.  You place your thumbs together and run them along the muscle.  If the muscle is shortened, you can use it to lengthen the muscle fibers.  If the muscle is short, your intent would be to increase blood flow.  My arguement? Just because you don’t want it to lengthen the muscle fibers, doesn’t mean it won’t…right?

Wrong.  I don’t wholly believe this yet, but using it along with my headspaces, is sort of convincing me.  The intent behind the touch, and the spanking, can effect the outcome.  If the intent is for me to become aroused, then I will.  If the intent is to punish, etc. then it will. This doesn’t mean my body won’t always respond sexually in those instances when the intent is to punish, however, my mind will register the intent over my body’s reaction and that’s how I will feel it.

So I am starting to believe this BS about intent and stuff within massage and shiatsu, and hopefully that explains it a little better.

– Marie


Getting Into My Head

It’s not terribly difficult to get into my head, if you know where to start and what to focus on.  For me, the headspace that surrounds a spanking is important, no matter the intent or reason for the spanking.  Playful, punishment, etc. doesn’t matter.  There is always a headspace involved for me.

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It’s my party…

First things first.  Tomorrow, Thursday, January 24th, Thursday Knight will be here, IN NYC to see me! Well, ok, not JUST me, but she IS coming because it’s MY birthday.  Well, it was my birthday, the party is a little late.  Anyway, she’s coming here, along with the infamous Mr. Fox whom I haven’t seen in FAR too long.  I’m sure I’ll get more than one spanking this weekend.  I am having a small gathering for my closest spanking friends on Friday night and am looking forward to introducing TK around then and at SSNY on Saturday night. She’s like a little sister to me…in more ways than one.  I anticipate her trying to get me into heaps of trouble! Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Been a While

It’s been a while.  Life has been b-u-s-y.  Monday, January 4th, was my 21st birthday.  Yay for me!  No, I didn’t go out drinking or anything.  I had class at 8:30 am and then I went home to get ready to go out to dinner with my surrogate parents (I mean, is it possible to adopt an adult? Maybe? Can we look into that? Because they’re way cooler than uh, 90% of my family!) Rad & Sandy, and a mutual friend J.  We went out for Mexican food and it was yummy-licious. Sandy got me a book and a journal.  Sweet! I’m almost finished with the book, but I left it in my locker at school, damn!! It’s called The 19th Wife and is a historical fiction based on the story of Ann Eliza Young (which, I think I’ve decided to name my future daughter, if I have one, Ann Eliza). Read the rest of this entry »