Checking In

It’s very early on a Sunday morning, and yet I am not only awake but attempting to write something coherent. I know I don’t blog a lot anymore, but I don’t want this to completely die out.  School takes up the majority of my time and I simply don’t enjoy blogging about the everyday things anymore.  I mean, who wants to know when I go to the museum? Or that I’m crate training my dog? Or anything really.  I don’t have much spanking related to talk about and so I’m having a hard time writing here.  Not that I’m writing elseware, but here specifically.  I feel myself becoming more and more private but wanting to still write here.  We’ll see how it goes in the next few weeks.

– Marie


Kissing Some Frogs

I’ve been trying to meet more people lately, and make more spanking friends.  I am feeling more shy and self conscious than ever though and it’s making it rather difficult.  Personally, I think I just know what I want but sometimes I wonder if that’s a bad thing.

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FIC: A Towel

I wrote this story yesterday morning after my shower. It was an impulse and hasn’t been edited so, if there are typo’s…deal with it 😛


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