So long, farewell…

I believe the time has come for me to stop blogging.  I had a lot of time to think about this this past weekend in Atlantic City, and I think it’s the best choice.  I am not leaving the spanking community, but it’s time for me to move on.  I haven’t identified as Kate James in a very long time and I need to just be Marie. I need to focus on school, real life relationships, work, my family, and me.  I will leave this up here as an archive, and I will still be reachable via email, but this blog will no longer be updated.

I will continue to read and comment on others blogs and can still be found on Twitter, SSS, and several other forums and websites.

My email address is still

All the best,



Checking In

It’s very early on a Sunday morning, and yet I am not only awake but attempting to write something coherent. I know I don’t blog a lot anymore, but I don’t want this to completely die out.  School takes up the majority of my time and I simply don’t enjoy blogging about the everyday things anymore.  I mean, who wants to know when I go to the museum? Or that I’m crate training my dog? Or anything really.  I don’t have much spanking related to talk about and so I’m having a hard time writing here.  Not that I’m writing elseware, but here specifically.  I feel myself becoming more and more private but wanting to still write here.  We’ll see how it goes in the next few weeks.

– Marie

Kissing Some Frogs

I’ve been trying to meet more people lately, and make more spanking friends.  I am feeling more shy and self conscious than ever though and it’s making it rather difficult.  Personally, I think I just know what I want but sometimes I wonder if that’s a bad thing.

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This is a mini follow up to the post I made earlier today about getting into my head.  Something we discuss a lot in school is intent.  Intent behind touch, words, strokes etc.  When applying specific strokes there are obvious physiological effects.  However, depending on the muscle or area you’re applying that stroke, and the reason, you can affect the physiological effect.

One of these is muscle stripping.  You place your thumbs together and run them along the muscle.  If the muscle is shortened, you can use it to lengthen the muscle fibers.  If the muscle is short, your intent would be to increase blood flow.  My arguement? Just because you don’t want it to lengthen the muscle fibers, doesn’t mean it won’t…right?

Wrong.  I don’t wholly believe this yet, but using it along with my headspaces, is sort of convincing me.  The intent behind the touch, and the spanking, can effect the outcome.  If the intent is for me to become aroused, then I will.  If the intent is to punish, etc. then it will. This doesn’t mean my body won’t always respond sexually in those instances when the intent is to punish, however, my mind will register the intent over my body’s reaction and that’s how I will feel it.

So I am starting to believe this BS about intent and stuff within massage and shiatsu, and hopefully that explains it a little better.

– Marie

Getting Into My Head

It’s not terribly difficult to get into my head, if you know where to start and what to focus on.  For me, the headspace that surrounds a spanking is important, no matter the intent or reason for the spanking.  Playful, punishment, etc. doesn’t matter.  There is always a headspace involved for me.

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It’s Been a While

It’s been a while.  Life has been b-u-s-y.  Monday, January 4th, was my 21st birthday.  Yay for me!  No, I didn’t go out drinking or anything.  I had class at 8:30 am and then I went home to get ready to go out to dinner with my surrogate parents (I mean, is it possible to adopt an adult? Maybe? Can we look into that? Because they’re way cooler than uh, 90% of my family!) Rad & Sandy, and a mutual friend J.  We went out for Mexican food and it was yummy-licious. Sandy got me a book and a journal.  Sweet! I’m almost finished with the book, but I left it in my locker at school, damn!! It’s called The 19th Wife and is a historical fiction based on the story of Ann Eliza Young (which, I think I’ve decided to name my future daughter, if I have one, Ann Eliza). Read the rest of this entry »


I can’t believe today is the last day of 2009.  The last 10 years have gone by incredibly fast.  Making it to 18 was a big deal for me, and 21 (right around the corner) is sort of unreal.  This wasn’t an easy year, and a lot of depressing things happen, but looking back on it I see how much I have grown and it only makes me look forward to 2010 and new experiences, even more.

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Roleplay Fantasies

Roleplay is something I’ve never been terribly good at.  I’ll never forget the first real role play I ever attempted with someone.  I hadn’t been spanked much at this point, but it was someone I’d been talking to for ages and ages at the time. The role was simple: he was the dad and I was his daughter.  He was tired of my mouth, my back talk, my attitude.  Because I had had quite an attitude within our relationship, it worked out well in that regard.  The scenario was role play, but the spanking after, was very much punishment

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*kisses internet cables*  I found a cafe near my new place that is open till 10 and has interwebs!!! Yay!! Oh…why? Because I don’t have interwbz at my new apartment.  Yes, I know.  #epicfail…shit…we’re not on twitter?

I’ve been microblogging and such via twitter for the last three weeks with my lack of a connection to the outside world.  You’d think this means I’d have gotten a ton done, etc. but mostly it left me a little disconnected and sexually frustrated without my immediate spanky porno fix whenever I wanted it.

Gosh, there’s so much I could write about, especially with most of a medium latte in me (I’m typing insanely fast weee!), but I just don’t have the time.  It’s already 9:30 and I’m polishing a resume to send to a restaurant I applied at.


Ok, so that was written last night, Dec 21.  Now it’s the 22nd.  I am planning a blog about the recent blizzard party at Paddles this past weekend so check soon for it.  And of course, a deliciously naughty Christmas post as a gift from me, to you.  And as a side note – I think everyone should go read Sparkle’s Serenity’s recent blog on bottom fillers and the one Santa is giving away.  She’s naughty and tells no one else to ask for the pretty plug, but well, I did it anyway.  Maybe we’ll both get it, and we can post a double shot the next time we see each other 😉

Anyway, I am going to head back to my house, wrap some pressies, and head into the city where the internet at Starbucks doesn’t suck balls 😛 (this is good, and I shouldn’t be complaining for my complete lack of internet lately, but it won’t even connect Adium/Yahoo/AIM and forget Second Life or anything!!)

– Marie

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to extend a Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of my readers.  I hope you have a spectacular day filled with your favorite autumn foods and good people.  I will be spending the day at my moms with my grandad, aunt, uncle, brother, soon-to-be sister-in-law, and my moms boyfriend in NJ.  (picture below!!) Read the rest of this entry »

Scared, Sad, and Not Much Wanting to Blog

Right now I am scared (alright, terrified), sad (etc. etc.) and not much wanting to blog.  I have a few stories and posts in drafts, but I have lost all joy for writing about them right now.  Breaking up isn’t easy, but it’s made more difficult with studies to worry about, trying to find an apartment with having (quite literally, not an exaggeration in the least) no money, and no job.

I have to move in two weeks and while I’ve been emailing daily about apartments/roommate situations, and seen a few, none have panned out and I continue to just get more and more disappointed.  Nothing is more terrifying than not knowing where you’re going to be living in two weeks.

I’ve applied at Starbucks, Target, and Duane Reade most recently, and none have “been able to hire [me] at this time” even when they say they’re hiring.  I’m simple undesirable in some way, for some reason.

Anyway, that’s where I am right now.  Who knows when I will blog again.  I need a break, from life. And a damn good spanking.

– Marie

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Later in the evening on OTK nights a side room is opened up.  In it is a bondage bed that’s the perfect height for strapping and caning.  We had waited because said bed was perfect for the scene we wanted to do.  Rad and Sandy brought the strap pictured below, with them.

(This post includes a picture of an implement below the tag)

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Watching Others

Watching other people play can be an interesting experience.

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