TK: Summer of Surprise: Part 1, Chapter 1

This series was co-written with my good friend, Thursday Knight (TK).  Enjoy!



Creeping stealthily across the floor, a ninja seen like none other,(or so she thinks) she swiftly makes her way towards the telephone. With speed and dexterity she dials the phone, ever cautious of the snores and grunts coming from her parent’s bedroom, “what was the number again?” whispering frustrated words she treads lightly in the moonlit hallway, down the stairs, and onto the creaking steps in the basement. Her second try she gets the number right, hoping against hope that Taylor has the phone right next to her as planned.

Ring…RingPick up…ring…ringJesus, where are you….Ring…Ring


“Taylor! About time, it’s me Jesse.”

“You said specifically 11:00 Jesse, it’s nearly 45 minutes after 11!”

“Shh, I know I know, but I got side tracked thinking of what we were gonna do when we get there!”

“Your parents make you go to bed at 9:00, how can you be thinking for nearly three hours?!?”

“It’s a delicate process, just because YOU can’t–”

“Jess, save it, what are you going to say to convince your parents?”

“’Taylor gets to go, why can’t I’ I’m counting on ya, better get them to say yes!”

“JESS-EE, be serious, what are you going to say to persuade them?”

“That I am a curious young lady, with many talents and much genius, that I can never broaden my horizons or character without new sights and sounds.”

“Not bad Jesse, not bad, I was thinking something similar.”

“But Taylor, even if our parents say yes what about Uncle Charlie, is he gonna say yes?”

“I’ve already called him, he said of course he would meet us on the 23rd of June at the airport!”

“TAYLOR, that means Uncle Charlie is going to think our parents said we could go!”

“It’s not like he’s going to talk to our dads, he’s too cool for that, he’s totally trusting!”

“But what if he does? Then we’re  screwed, and probably going to be grounded all summer.”

“Charlie trusts me, he’ll never even suspect it.  Just get your parents to say yes, then tell them I’ll call him and ask.  I’ll give it a few days, and then you can tell your parents he said yes, and tell them the dates.  It’s foolproof!”

“Well, maybe this will work, but if we get caught I’m telling my dad and Uncle Charlie that this was all your idea!”

“Whatever, just get them to say yes.”

CONTINUED in Part 1, Chapter 2

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