TK: Summer of Surprise: Part 1, Chapter 2

This series was co-written with my good friend, Thursday Knight (TK).  Enjoy!

– Marie


First Flights

“This plane is awesome,” Jesse sits cross-legged with a smile; her hands sit delicately in her lap caressing a bag of peanuts.

Taylor nods her head absentmindedly, thoughts of triumph still surging at having won the window seat. All though making Jesse move every ten minutes so she could go to the bathroom had lost its glamor, she contemplated the thought in her head. Of course, a bigger thought still loomed, a scarier thought. The thought that Uncle Charlie would know, would find out, that she had called him without permission, had insisted that the 23rd was the only day and he’d have to cancel the meeting with an important client. “I’m going to die!”

Jesse cocks her head to the side, “Huh?”

“Uh…die if we don’t land soon…heh…” Taylor licks her lips, eyebrows furrowed, “gotta go to the bathroom again.”

“This is like the fourth time, we left an hour ago!”

“I said, I gotta go.”

Jesse’s arms cross firmly against her chest, her head moves backwards, “Oh yeah, and what happens if I don’t let you out, Mrs. Potty Pants?”

“This,” Taylor smirks, her smile and eyes aglow as her fingers jab painfully between Jesse’s ribs.

“Alright, alright…oww!” Jesse moves aside, a delicious thought seeping from her brain to her lips. As Taylor strides down the aisle way, she slips into the window seat, a smile lighting up the dark brown in her eyes, “Let her try and win now, hah!

Taylor moves swiftly down the aisle, not really having to go again, but feeling restless. She can’t shake the feeling that Uncle Charlie is going to find out what she did and she’ll be in trouble. Big trouble. As Taylor wonders what Jesse would say about her plan backfiring, the bathroom door opens and a mumbling blue haired old lady stumbles out and returns back to her seat.

Locking the door behind her, Taylor turns on the little faucet, hoping for cold water. All she needs to do is refresh herself so she can relax and sleep the rest of the flight. She splashes the sweet wetness onto her face and pats it dry with a rough paper towel.

“You’d think for the price of these tickets they’d splurge on their bathroom paper products,” Taylor thinks as she hears an urgent knock on the door. “I hate being rushed, it’s so rude!”

As she pushes the door open, a mother and her squirming toddler push past her into the tiny restroom. Taylor makes her way back to their row and groans.

“Come on Jess, I hate middle seats! You were just fine not sitting by the window. Can’t you sit in the aisle seat?” Taylor points to the empty seat they were putting their bags on.

“You can sit in the aisle and I’ll sit by the window and we’ll both be happy!” Taylor gently lifts her foot and stomps it lightly, getting frustrated.

“Yeah, sit in the aisle and get stepped on by the bumbling stewardess and her cart from hell; not likely cousin!” She blinked; a little annoyed that she couldn’t say ‘little cousin’ in a patronizing way. No matter how much older she got, Taylor was always a year ahead.

“Well perfect Jess, you and the cart belong together – the cart from hell and the little girl from hell,” A smirk plays at her lips. Taylor was never very good at being witty and clever, but she always had to up her game when around her cousin.

“You lousy brat,” Jess hisses, while standing up with a snarl, arms firmly against her chest, “I am NOT a little girl, you are only a little bit older then me so you stop acting like you’re the boss!”

“Jess, what did Uncle Scott say to you before we got on this plane, hmm?”

Jesse’s scowl grew as she recalled precisely what her father, Taylor’s Uncle Scott, had told her before they boarded the plane, ‘Listen to Taylor, she’s in charge.’

“That’s right, I’m the boss, so you get your butt outta my chair before I tell Uncle Charlie!” Taylor’s demeanor was much like Jesse’s; arms firmly crossed against her chest.

Jesse moved, however, not before something flew to the forefront of her thoughts. A thought that made her lips turn up and wish she could let out evil laughter. This particular thought, though, was much like fire. You create it and tempt to tame it, and you may just get burned. It was appealing, oh so appealing!

“You stop bossing me around or I’ll tell Uncle Charlie,” She said it low, trying to have a menacing tone like The Godfather or…well, movies she wasn’t really supposed to be watching.

Taylor’s eyes narrowed, “Oh yeah, you do that. Then both of us will be sent back with angry fathers’ waiting to get their hands on our necks.”

“Hah, Uncle Charlie can’t wait to see me, he’ll just send you back ’cause you’re bad and mean and bossy and–“

“Will both of you PLEASE, quiet down, my baby is trying to sleep!” the woman, Taylor recognized as the one knocking on the bathroom door, yowled angrily. She was glaring at them from her seat on the aisle a row ahead.

“Humph,” came Jesse’s reply simultaneously with Taylor’s, “Sorry for disturbing you.”

They became silent as Taylor climbed over her angry cousin back to the window seat.

It was two hours later when Taylor stretched, exclaiming, “Wow, this place is huge!” while pressing her face to the window. Jesse yawns and looks at her cousin, not able to see anything past her bouncing ponytail.

“Yeah well, I’d like to look you big window hog!” Jesse retorts, still stretching with a loud dramatic sigh. She wants to see, but her plan keeps her sentient. She knows she’ll be able to get Taylor back twofold for teasing her.

“Ok, you can see,” Taylor surprises them both by squirming over to the aisle seat so Jesse can peer out at the San Francisco Bay area.

“Hey it’s all water! You only let me see the stupid part!” Jesse turns to Taylor with a furrowed brow.

“It wasn’t water before I swear! If it’s all water, where are we going to land?” Taylor seems mildly panicked at the thought and Jesse can’t get help but hide a smirk.

“Well, it’s not all water I guess. There is a landing strip but it comes out into the water. This is so awesome!” Jesse had never been out of Montana – and neither had Taylor. The only difference was that Taylor had gotten a ride in their grandfather’s plane a few years before.

Within a relatively short time, the plane touched down and landed much to the girls’ excitement. They couldn’t wait to get out and see the ocean, the city, and well, Uncle Charlie too. Of course, in both their minds, regardless that their daddies’ had only given them $50 each for the entire summer (‘a fair amount for any young lady’), they were going to get to do everything. If that meant begging Uncle Charlie, if that meant posing a member of the homeless and begging, they were going to make this vacation the best EVER.

With the help of a stewardess they collected their bags, and filed along outside the plane. When their feet hit the thin, cheap carpet of the boarding tunnel, they began to run. Pushing aside several women with narrowed eyes and several large men who were definitely thinking “I’d like to have a word with those girls’ father”, but within moments, having emerged in the terminal, they see him. Uncle Charlie standing with his hands deep in pocket, leaning against a pillar, and double checking the time.

“Uncle Charlie!” Jesse and Taylor scream. Within seconds they are to his side swallowing him up with hugs.

He stands up straight then, his full height high above the girls and most men around him, “Taylor, you’ve really grown up to look like your mother,” he pauses kindly and looks toward Jesse, “and you Jesse, you’ve gotten taller.”

They bask in his praise, and smile fondly up at him. Thoughts of foul play, lying, and tattling are far from their minds.

“Why don’t we get some lunch and we can talk about your flight, okay ladies?” He winks at them and grabs each by a hand and leads them toward the exit.

As they tag along next to the Uncle they haven’t seen in years, the girls’ excitement grows. “Where are we going to eat Uncle Charlie?” Taylor looks up, still beaming.

“Well, we have some choices. We could go to Taco Bell, or somewhere a little more local. There is a burger place unique to California that I think you girls would love, what do you say?” Charlie unlocks his car and motions for both girls to get in the back while he loads their suitcases.

Jesse skips in front of Taylor and goes to open the front passenger door. Taylor cuts her off, “Jesse! He said for us both to sit in the back!”

“We can’t see anything from back there, I want to sit up front!” Jesse opens the door quickly as Charlie slams the trunk.

“Hey girls, sit in the back,” Charlie shakes his head at Jesse’s attempt to sit up front. Taylor smiles smugly and opens the back door wider for Jesse to slide in. Neither of them wants to get into a fight, especially in front of, or with, their Uncle Charlie, so Jesse closes the front door, nods, and slides into the back seat followed by Taylor.

“What’s the burger place called?” Taylor asks. Jesse’s face is glued to the window, taking in every site; the water near the airport, a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the row after row of colorful houses.

“It’s called ‘In N’ Out Burger. They don’t have much on their menu, burgers, fries, shakes, and soda, but it’s fun and the food is good,” Charlie glances in the rear view mirror to make sure the girls had buckled their seat belts. Both had. He smiled at his nieces, wondering just how the summer was going to unfold.

As they pull from a very crowded parking lot, the girls start telling him about their recently completed school year. They both attend the same school and had many stories to share.

He listens with a smile, taking in every word and nodding his head at all the right places. Of course, it was part of his job. Talking to people, reassuring them, coxing things out of them. He really was listening, but with a keen ear for exaggeration, fallacy, and the outright lie.

“–and Daddy said I hadda listen to Taylor, which isn’t fair ’cause I’m almost as big as her and she’s only a grade ahead of me and…and…” Jesse trails off, the Golden Gate Bridge looms in the distance and her mouth waters at sights unknown.

“Jesse,” Uncle Charlie replies, prying her attention from the immaculate beauty of the structure, “perhaps your Daddy just wants to make sure you’re safe, so really it isn’t unfair.”

“Of course it’s unfair, just like Taylor is unfair when she calls me ‘little girl’,” Jesse glowers at the remembrance. Scowling back at Jesse, Taylor hopes their uncle doesn’t press for details about their flight.

Charlie clears his throat. Silence ensues for several minutes before Jesse remembers her revenge idea, “Uncle Charlie do you have any idea why we hadda come on the 23rd and why Taylor called you?”

Taylor’s head nearly pops off as she swivels hard to glare angrily at Jesse, “Because that’s when daddy said, he was busy and, uh, asked me to call you, that’s the reason you’re referring to right Jess?”

Jesse saw her eyes, hard and praying she would spontaneously decombust, she could only grin at her, “No I was referring to—oomph!”

Taylor’s hand presses firmly into Jesse’s mouth, “Hush!” she hisses, low enough that Uncle Charlie can’t hear.

“Girls, girls, there is no need to fight, now is there?” he says this absentmindedly, worried about the traffic before him and how he’d have to move to Mexico were he involved in some sort of automobile crash that harmed his two older brothers’ daughters’ in any way.

“You get offa me miss Taylor Avery, right now!” Jesse shouts, eyes aglow with anger.

“Jesse, I’m driving, please don’t shout,” Charlie says, a little less patiently.

“Taylor started it, she’s bossy and mean…and..and…a big fat liar!” Jesse squeaks.

“I am not, you’re the little liar, hey, don’t you touch me, I said–UNCLE CHARLIE!”

Wheels squeal, he pulls the steering wheel to the right, thankful that his abrupt lane change only caused glares from the drivers behind him.

“Girls! That’s enough,” Charlie quickly exits the freeway and pulls over into an empty parking lot. He twists in his seat after turning the engine off, and stares at his scowling nieces.

“You’re cousins, practically like sisters, and you’re going to fight, but you will not do it while I am driving and you will not be disrespectful!” Charlie lowers his voice, careful not to raise it or yell.

“But Uncle Charlie she -“

Charlie cuts her off, “Jesse May, right now is not the time to tattle on your cousin,” he turns to Taylor, “And now is not the time to play mom. We will enjoy our lunch, and when we get home, then I’ll hear what you have to say.”

Both girls nod and utter their understanding, not wanting their vacation to get off on the wrong foot. Charlie quickly turns them around and brings them back to the freeway.

Silence ensues throughout, until they reach The In ‘N Out. They get out of the car and make their way into the large, brightly lit building, where a line is forming out the door. Taylor’s stomach grumbles as she wonders how long it’ll take to get their food.

They stand in front of the small menu, “Well, I guess he was right about their not being much on here…I wonder what animal style is?” Taylor overhears a group of boys placing their orders. They have all commodities of the ‘hamburger’ styled and doubled as you pleased, and of course it’s chosen sides, French fries and shakes.

The girls quickly tell their orders to Uncle Charlie, tummy’s grumbling.

“Go find a table and I’ll place our orders and bring them over, don’t forget napkins,” Charlie remains in line as the girls wiggle their way out of the crowd to find a table, surprised that there are even any available.

Ten minutes later he appears carrying two trays piled high with burgers, fries and drinks. Both girls, hungry, quickly dig in. After a few bites, both girls are content with “In N’ Out Burger”. Of course, nothing was better than McDonalds. As they greedily sip their shakes and eat their fries they begin telling their Uncle Charlie all about their plane ride and everything they saw from the window.

Jesse was quick to point out that she barely had the window seat and only got to look the numerous times Taylor went to the bathroom. Which, she added, were indeed numerous. Taylor, eyes glaring, mentioned the high quantity of peanuts Jesse had eaten and her high maintenance attitude towards the stewardess.

Charlie sighs, listening to his two nieces rattle off each other’s doings one by one. He knew they argued, argued like sisters, but he never bargained for this! Of course, in all fairness, each of his brothers had warned him.

He clears his throat, changing the subject, “Girls, what do you two want to do this summer?”

“Go to see the ocean!” Jesse says excitedly.

“Go shopping!” Taylor shouts.

They turn to each other, eyebrows raised; clearly unaware that they shared two different wants of their time in San Francisco. However, Uncle Charlie just smiles and tells them of the various things to do around town and around his home. Their eyes soon become as round as dinner plates, and thoughts of freedom and fun dance ’round their brains.

“I want to go everywhere uncle!” Taylor announces as Jesse adds in, “Me too!”

Uncle Charlie just laughs patiently, “We have plenty of time ladies, and now if you’re done, shall we?” He gathers his car keys, and little girl hands, and heads out the door, glad that he got them to stop arguing. Their bickering was going to drive him over the edge, and he knew quite well if he were pushed to that point, they would not like it, not one little bit.


“It’s Huge!”

“Huger then huge!”

“It’ll do, girls,” Uncle Charlie says, as he unlocks the door.

They rush in, unable to hide their excitement at sights unseen and exploring undone. The outside of the house, yellow like a fresh dandelion with deep green shutters and trim, stood handsomely amongst its lesser peers. It looked nothing like their suburban ranches back home, or their grandparent’s big farmhouse. It was fair better.

As they squeal at the size and utter “coolness” of their Uncle’s dwellings, he simply chuckles and starts to haul their bags upstairs.

“Your rooms are this way,” he nods his head up as he struggles with the bags, neither girl offering to help. Instead, they rush past him and up the stairs. Charlie follows and drops them near the guest rooms.

“There are two rooms, and a bathroom in between. You’ll share the bathroom and there is closet and dresser space in each of them,” he announces.

“I call this one!” Jesse hurls herself onto the queen-sized bed in the room on the right of the bathroom. It was done in reds, blues, and purples, with the same off white carpet that was in the rest of the house.

“That’s cool – I like this one better anyway!” Taylor seats herself at the desk in the other room, with another large bed, but an extra window. Taylor liked the calmer colors, so the light hues of yellow and green were perfect for her. “Jesse, come here! You can see the entire city from this window!” Climbing onto the desk, she pulls the curtains aside and gazes out over the hilly and colorful streets.

Jesse bolts through the bathroom and into her cousin’s room, squirming her way onto the desk next to her. “Whoa! You can see the ocean! Uncle Charlie! Can we go to the ocean?” Taylor groans dramatically at the shout, which echoes in her ear drum from the close proximity. With a snide snicker, she shoves Jesse. It wasn’t meant to be more than a nudge but Jesse quickly looses her balance and topples to the floor, right as Uncle Charlie enters the doorway.

“Ahh! Hey!” Jesse calls out as she lands hard on her butt. Charlie hurries over, and helps her stand.

“She pushed me!” Seethed the fallen girl.

“It was an accident!” Taylor’s retort was quick.

“And so it begins”, thought Charlie.

“Alright girls, both of you come with me, I think we are in serious need of a little talk,” he pulls Taylor from the desk with a stern gaze. Collecting Jesse’s hand, he pulls them both along to the hallway, down the stairs, and gently pushes them to the couch. They sit with a ‘humph’, unsure of his intentions.

“Taylor, Jesse, you girls know I love you both but this constant fighting has gone on for long enough,” he eyes each of them gravely.

“Whaddya mean?” Jesse skews her eyebrows, still rubbing at her bottom.

“I mean that we are going to learn a lesson in manners, right now, and I’m sorry to say neither of you are going to be happy about it.” He leans down, before either can say a word, and pulls them up until they are standing.

“Jesse you go stand in that corner right this minute,” he points to a narrow corner, next to a towering bookshelf.

“Stand in the corner?” She stares at him, eyes aloft with arrogance only a little girl rarely punished could master.

“Right this minute Jesse May, if I have to take you there you won’t be happy.” Charlie brought himself to his full height; shoulders square and eyes the picture of seriousness. When her hesitation continues, he raises his eyebrows and sweeps a loose frock of light-black hair to his scalp.

“Hmpph,” with a pout on her lips, she saunters off into the corner; arms crossed high on her chest.

Charlie shakes his head in disbelief. Their father and mother had raised him and his brothers with a strict hand, if they had even dared to disobey an order they would have had the daylights beaten out of them! Of course, none of them had a sister, perhaps that makes the difference. And then, it all came clear to him. His siblings never raised a hand to their little girls because they knew how the spankings had hurt. How they dreaded their father’s hand and their mother’s spoon, and they had been boys. Thick, muscular athletic boys who cried when their butts burned.

He shook his head; something had to be done about their bickering. If he didn’t do something completely dramatic now, they would lose respect for him. The next time he ordered a simple corner-time, they would just laugh at him! No, tolerance and patience were a strong suit for him, but he would not be disrespected. This was the answer, and he would met it out with fair judgment.

“Alright young lady,” he turns his head until he is looking down at Taylor, “wh–”

“Taylor is the bad one! She should be in the corner!” Jesse is standing in front of him, her lips overlapping, hand on her hips.

Charlie’s shoulders droop for half-a-second; these girls were just way too much!

“Didn’t I tell you to get your little bottom in the corner?” he takes a deep breath, determined not to raise his voice one iota.

“Uncle C, you wanna know the reason today had to be the day we came? The reason was that if we came today, we didn’t have to do our summer homework! That’s right, good little Miss Taylor Anne Avery is a sneaky little plotter! She’s planned this whole thing, lying to her daddy, my daddy, you — everyone! She is a sly little….hey put me down!!!”

Charlie grabs her around the middle, hoisting her under one arm and steadily walks to the corner. He knew there was merit in what she was saying, but she’d have her chance. He felt it important to deal with the current matter as quickly and swiftly as possible. Nothing else could be worked out until then, and from what she said, it didn’t seem as though it would do any harm for this new information to wait.

Placing his younger niece back at her post, nose close to the wall he spoke gently yet firmly, “You will stand here, with your hands at your sides and not utter a word until I have said otherwise. If you do, you will find you don’t much like the consequences which at this point, can only get worse.”

With his words ringing in her ears, Jesse looked at the floor, still fuming with anger and frustration, but was too afraid of her previously docile uncle, to move or say anything. She could however, hear everything going on behind her. Charlie had made his way back to Taylor who regarded him with wide eyes.

“Now Taylor, we’ll discuss this plot later, as it is, right now we will discuss the matter at hand.”

“What matter is that Uncle Charlie? I see nothing the matter, I’m fine, we’re fine…everybody is fine!” She backed up, a funny feeling was telling her she absolutely should NOT say another word instead just RUN, RUN, RUN!

Charlie saw the look; the “Fight or flee” mode kicking in, and quickly placed a hand on her shoulder. Instantly, she started to struggle, and with a heavy sigh he lifted her right up and off the ground.

“Noooooo….I don’t wanna talk about nothing!” Taylor kicked and wriggled, she wasn’t dumb. She knew what her Uncle intended to do, and so far in her life it had never happened and she wanted to continue with the streak!

As wiggly as Taylor was, Charlie held onto her tightly until he sat with a heavy ‘thump’ onto the couch. He flipped her over his knee, pausing to make sure Jesse was still in the corner, and pushed up her skirt within twelve seconds.

“Please, please Uncle…”Taylor pleaded, but she couldn’t get herself to add in the ‘don’t spank me’. It was just too difficult to say, and she didn’t quite believe she was in this position to begin with.

“Now listen young lady,” Charlie looped her flailing hands into his and held them tightly onto the small of her back, ” if you do NOT stop this struggling, you will NOT like what will happen.”

She stilled instantly, whimpering. Feeling the cold air on her panty-clad bottom, she blanched as his fingers tugged onto her elastic Winnie-the-pooh panties, but managed to remain still.

“This non-stop bickering will not continue after today Taylor, that I will promise you,” and without further ado, he tugged her panties right down to the backs of her knees.

“Ohhhhh, Uncle Charlie!” Tears stung her eyes, prickly conflicting emotions of betrayal and fear.

Charlie’s heart cried, suddenly he knew what his mother meant by the saying “this will hurt me more then you”. His little niece bare-bottomed over his knee, crying and waiting for her first spanking…it was heartbreaking. But he could not fail them, this would be done. Seizing the courage he brought his hand up and, with a moments hesitation, back down with a loud smack!

“Oh, Oh, pleaseeeee.” Taylor’s breath was taking away; she could feel exactly where he had smacked her, a large handprint of burning pain, aiieee!

“There will be no more fighting,” his hand landed from right cheek to left, steady in rhythm smack! Smack! Smack!

No more fighting, ow! Ow! OW!” Taylor cried out with every smack, his hand hurt…ohhh, it hurt.

“You will act like a proper young lady,” he paused concentrating on her sit spots, “with not a single more tattle-tale story, understand?”

“Ouch, I do, I am so sorrrrrry,” she cried into her arms, suddenly aware how childish she seemed to her Uncle all bare-bottomed and red-rumped before him.

He lifted her up into his arms, hugging her tightly as she whimpered in his grasp. His heart was trickling with the blood her cries stabbed at him with every passing second. But he felt she would control her tongue, it would be Jesse that would be problematic. Taylor was a good girl, and he told her so, “I love you Taylor.”

She nestled to him, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand and suddenly becoming shy that from the waist-down she was naked. He understood her embarrassment and swiftly stood her on her feet and pulled her panties back up her swollen behind.

She rubbed herself, “That hurt Uncle Charlie.”

He helped her fix her skirt right, “It was meant to Taylor, spankings are supposed to hurt, you will remember this the next time you want to fight?”

She nodded, sniffling toes curled into the carpet. He kissed her forehead, “Good girl, now it is your turn to go into the corner. Jesse.”

Jesse turned, her face was pale and she did not look happy. Not one little bit. Taylor walked to the corner, gently pushed Jesse out of the way and stuck her nose between the twin crevices. This left Jesse with the ultimatum, RUN or RUN. She ran.

Of course, he wasn’t sure if she expected to get far because within twenty seconds of flight, whining “NOOOOO!” the entire time, she was caught kicking and seething. It was as if he was trying to give a bath to a cat, she pulled and wriggled did everything she could think of to get out of his grip. It was not enough.

“Jesse, JESSE MAY.” he hadn’t shouted persay, but his voice was raised. She fell limp in his arms, but the tone had been necessary. He didn’t want to hurt her.

He retook his seat upon the couch cushions, baring Jesse’s bottom of her skirt as he did so. She returned the gesture with a long, loud wail, “PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.”

Charlie sighed and rested his hand upon her small bottom, “Jesse why are you going to get a spanking?”

“I don’t want one!!!” she was weeping, large tears fell down her nose as she continued to wiggle across his knee.


It got her attention. She sniffled hard, and pushed her hands back to protect herself. He laced his hand about her wrist, holding it to her back, “why are you getting a spanking, Jesse May?”

She bit her lip, struggling to accept defeat, “because…because…because we was arguingggg.”

“And do you deserve this spanking?” His fingers where in the waistband of her panties, little yellow smiley faces dotted the cloth.

“I said I don’t want one!”

“That wasn’t the question, do you deserve this spanking?” his voice was colder now, he was not playing, and when, for there was no question of ‘if’, he had to spank her again, she would be broken of these stalling tactics.

“Yes.” she clenched her eyes shut, curled her toes into her foot and moaned.

Seconds later she felt his hand. Hard and hot it stung her flesh, making her eyes water, rekindled her sobs.

“You will stop with the attitude, little girl,” he warned as he grazed onto the tops of her thighs and hardened his blows upon the crowns of her cheeks.

“Yes, yes, owwwww!”

“You will not fight, you will not argue, you will be a perfect angel.” as he said it, he knew she was battling with self-control. She was a free spirit, but her spirit had been free for far too long.

“I will be good, Uncle Charlie, please, I love you!” she was openly weeping, no longer struggling against him. His face became soft, as he lifted the girl into his arms. She wrapped her arms around him in a hug as she cried her heart upon his shoulder. For the second time that night, his heart bled to the tune of little-girl cries. He was not sorry that he was finished with the ordeal.

Quietly she cried, until there was nothing left but soft little sighs and finally a tentative, “Do you forgive me?”

He called Taylor over then, wrapped both of them tightly into his embrace and told them he forgave them; he loved them, and wanted only for them to get along. Basking in his tight embrace, they felt safe, felt loved in a way their daddies had never loved them before. Sure, their bottoms burned but they were free. Free of the guilt that had ridden them, free of little-girl sins that plagued their minds until nothing but tattle-tailing and spiteful words came from their mouths. They had a clean slate and for a split second both had forgotten their plan had been reveled.

Uncle Charlie had not forgotten, as he rocked them together in his warm arms he let the question slip past his lips and both girls became rigid. Suddenly, the daring and planning they had done hadn’t seemed like such a smart idea. Especially, especially, since they both could predict the outcome of such a ‘talk’ that took place.

They looked at each other, a silent plea passing between their eyes; this wasn’t going to be a fun night. Not one little bit.


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