FIC: Ana & Jonathan – Part 1

Ana stood in the corner, hands on her head, thinking.  She was quite shocked at the position she had put herself in.  While she’d received many a spanking as an adult, she never thought the ad would be answered, and when it was, she couldn’t imagine backing out.

Unsure of whether or not this was a good thing, Ana continued forward with the meticulously laid out plans that took weeks to discuss and coordinate.  Jonathan had been patient with her anxiety and they hadn’t even met until they’d talked on the phone several nights in a row.  Nearly two months after their first contact, she made the short trip across the city to his apartment.

It was well designed and rather neat for a single man.  Their first ‘date’ had been a rendezvous with dinner and a short walk through the neighborhood, ending with a rather hard spanking in his dining room.  With half a glass of wine in her system she was less anxious than she thought she’d be.

He had given her a simple spanking, yet it left her charged in an odd way. Using his hand he built a small fire, only to be stoked consistently for the next hour with a hairbrush.  Jonathan worked slowly, not wanting to scare her.  His style was very disciplinary and he wanted to introduce her to is slowly.  He gave her several sets of twenty swats, each set harder than the last, always making her count them off.

However, the last ten or so weren’t counted.  They were hard, and exact, and she could barely catch her breath before the next landed.  When she stood, he kissed her, catching her before her knees gave way to the endorphin rush caused by her aching bottom.

That had been their first meeting.  This was their fifth.

The original ad had laid a heavy emphasis on ‘other’ bottom related activities.  He hadn’t wanted to rush into things.  He didn’t allow his own excitement to dominate the budding friendship, and even when she insisted they meet, he wanted to wait.

In the long run, they were both thankful for his insistence to take it slow.  Their fifth meeting and they’d played with nearly every spanking implement he had acquired over the years. They had seen few bottoms, but became thoroughly broken in over the weeks they began seeing each other.

Jonathan hadn’t told her until after she’d been thoroughly spanked and belted for her recent burst of misbehavior – specifically, a completely disrespectful outburst during a coffee date between their offices downtown. Grabbing her bottom firmly, he’d warned her about it and gone back to work.

It was their first actual punishment interaction.  His gaze and the distinct sound of a throat being cleared brought her attention back to the present.  He was behind her, she knew, but she wasn’t entirely positive of his intentions.  He had been vague when he released her wrist and stood her, sniffling and runny nosed, “I want you to stand in the corner and think about cleansing yourself of that negative attitude.”

After positioning her, jeans around her ankles, socked feet fidgeting, and hands on her head, he left the room.  He hadn’t been gone more than six or seven minutes and the tears had stopped rolling down her cheeks.  The salty mixture made her chin itch, but she was afraid to move her hand to rub it.

“You can come out now, love,” his voice was comforting, but had the firm edge she’d come to expect and love.  Turning slowly, she whipped a stray tear from her chin, grazing it with her nails and finally relieving herself of the intense itch that had become distracting from her corner-time train of thought.

As she turned, she saw the bowl in one hand, and bright red rubber bulb in the other.  With one hand on the front of her panties, intending to pull them up and one on her face she nearly fell over.  He placed the items on the coffee table and took her hand, leading her to the couch.  Ana was speechless, not expecting this turn of events.

A fleeting thought ran through her mind and she was thankful he had not only a master bath, but a powder room in the hallway, not far from the living room.  Seating himself, Jonathan laid a soft towel over his lap and guided her back across his knee.

Before landing softly in the all to familiar position, Ana squeaked out a barely audible “What – ?” to which Jonathan replied “No talking.  Just listen, and feel.  The only time you should talk is if I ask you a question, or if there is a problem ok? You have your safe word.”

Ana nodded firmly and nestled her head into the couch near his leg, squirming until she was relatively comfortable.  With a few pats, Jonathan resumed the earlier spanking, but with his hand.  After a flurry of quick smacks, mostly to re-awaken her senses.

He moved the coffee table closer with his foot and reached for several of the items he’d placed there earlier.  With a pat, he gently spread the quite red and slightly quivering cheeks before him, holding them open with his left hand as he deftly slid a cool glass thermometer three inches into her most private place.

Tensing slightly at the sudden chill, Ana quickly relaxed and closed her eyes, having expected far worse than a small thermometer.  Maybe, she thought, he had just been trying to scare her, get her nervous, when all he really intended to do was check her temperature.

After rubbing her bottom and feeling her body relax into his, for five minutes, he gently drew the length of the thermometer out and read it, “Perfectly normal my dear, we can proceed!” he almost exclaimed it.  Ana began to get nervous again, he sounded like a schoolboy!  She quickly opened her eyes and watched as he drew the bowl to the edge of the coffee table and picked up the bulb.  He felt the water and declared it right, and dipped the bulb quickly in, filling it with the warm liquid.

“Relax,” was all he said to her as he parted her cheeks once again.  He felt her shake slightly, but it was just seconds before her body went slack, although her shoulders were tense.  Pressing the curved black nozzle against her tiny opening, he pressed firmly, but not with much force.  As the tip slipped inside her, she grabbed a throw pillow and gripped it firmly.

The full six inches of the nozzle slid inside her and Jonathan rested I there for several beats before he started to gently squeeze the tepid water from the bulb into her bottom.  She gasped as the first flush of water entered her but soon became used to the sensation.  He continued applying pressure to the bulb until he had emptied it of much of its contents.

Ana began to feel the effects of the liquid now occupying her lower intestine and shifted her weight across his lap.  Knowing the pressure would continue to build, Jonathan had planned on this being a rather small enema.  Gently, he pulled the nozzle out of her bottom, generating a series of squeals and gasps from the owner of said bottom.

Thinking he was through, Ana made a motion to get up, only to have a firm hand press into her lower back, pressing her back into position.

“We’re not done young lady.  I think you need more than that to get rid of the attitude you seem to have developed,” Jonathan delivered a sharp swat to the back of Ana’s left thigh as he held her bottom with his other hand.

“Oww! I think that’s um, plenty Jon.  I don’t think we need to do anymore!” Ana made a feeble attempt to cut the enema short, but alas, it wasn’t successful.  Jonathan refilled the bulb with the water, which was growing cooler by the moment.  He didn’t think it would be a problem to give her a bit more incentive to be respectful by subjecting her to a bit more discomfort, and thus he continued with the cooler water.

Re-entering her bottom, he wasn’t as gentle as the first time; wanting her to keep in mind this was indeed a punishment.  She arched her back as the long nozzle penetrated her and buried itself to the very end of the bulb.  Squeezing as he had before, more with firm pressure than outright squeeze, he again emptied the bulb into his rather contrite partner.

“Jonathan I think that’s enough! Please! Let me up!” Ana pleaded vehemently, but there was still a firm hand pressed into her back.  Jonathan placed everything back on the coffee table and placed a hand on the globes he had been smacking not very long ago.  Holding her cheeks together he began to talk, knowing he couldn’t keep her very long or they’d have an embarrassing mess to clean up.

“Now young lady, I think I’ve made my point about your attitude and I’d like to hear what you have to say about the matter.  Once you have, you may take your leave, so I suggest you make it quick little girl,” Jonathan gently patted her bottom as he continued to hold her cheeks.

“I’m sorry! I promise, I won’t be rude again, please let me up!”

“That’s not good enough young lady, I want an answer about your behavior and how it will be in the future!” He punctuated every word with a sharp smack that he knew were pushing her to the edge.

“Ok, ok. I was having a bad day, I shouldn’t have snapped at you, and I’m really really sorry, and not just because I was punished! I really didn’t mean to be so mean! Please!” Ana’s pleading became more urgent and she started to cry again.  Nodding, he said, “Alright, you can go.”  He gently helped her to stand and watched as she moved more quickly than he had ever seen her, into the hall and the bathroom.

Jonathan busied himself by cleaning up the water and towel, and making a snack.  He was ravenous despite their earlier dinner and thought she might be as well.  Fifteen or so minutes later she emerged from the small bathroom, jeans in one hand, the other rubbing her behind.  She had pulled her panties back up and was trying to pull her t-shirt down to cover the front of them.

After enveloping her in a warm hug, she spotted the cheese and crackers and made a beeline for them.  The young couples quickly made their way back to their normal routine and Ana went home for the night.  While she went home, she couldn’t help but think about Jonathan and the events of the evening.  As she turned off her reading lamp a smile spread across her face and she fell into a content and deep sleep.


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