FIC: Max & Kate in The City: Don’t Walk

A side note: the first half of this story happened, but the spanking at home didn’t. That one smack was enough that now whenever I come to a crosswalk, by myself or with friends, I stop, no matter what the sign says or who’s walking! And if the red hand is blinking, that just means ‘If you walk now, your butt will be that red!”

– Marie


A bus honked as Kate stepped off the curb. She was lost in thought and didn’t see the walk sign turn to the offensive red hand. A firm hand on her arm and a loud, “Hey!” pulled her from her thoughts more than the honk. As the bus pulled up to the stop, Max pulled Kate further away from the road onto the sidewalk.

“Be careful, love. You can”t be daydreaming while walking around a busy city it’s dangerous,” his voice was calm and soft, but he was speaking with authority.

Looking up at him, Kate nodded, “I’m sorry, I just wasn’t paying attention. I’ll be more careful.”

For the rest of the day Max held Kate’s hand as they crossed intersection after intersection in there neatly arranged city. By the time they got home, Kate was sure there were to many crosswalks in New York. She had protested just once, and it had earned her a none-too-gentle smack to the back of her left thigh.

Now they were safely in their apartment, Max quickly lead Kate to the back and into their bedroom. Thinking he wanted to play, she began to smile and leaned towards him. Max had quite different ideas and no sooner had she leaned in, did he he have her turned over his knee.

He took less than five seconds to pull her legs up onto the bed and position her before the smacks rained down on her jean-covered bottom.

“Wha- What are you doing! What did I do?”Kate cried out.

“We’re going to have a lesson in street crossing safety m’dear,” Max continued to paddle his squirming girlfriends bottom with his hand.

Kate wasn’t about to complain about a hand spanking over jeans, however he kept smacking her sit spots, which didn’t have the extra cover of pockets! As she squirmed and was about to open her mouth, she felt something sharp and wood land on her lower cheeks.

“What is that,” she squealed. Her exclamation was met with a light chuckle.

“Your birthday paddle,” he answered, giving her two more pops before allowing her to stand up.

“But that’s not a toy we USE! It…it…it’s just for decoration!” She stammered, rubbing her smarting cheeks. The long paddle he was holding was hand made by a local friend and the handle was covered with a tight piece of rubber. He had given them to a few girls at the club in January, as they were all celebrating birthday. A slew of signatures covered one side, and the other had just been acquainted with her bottom.

“Perhaps it’s better used for correction. Bend over,” Max pointed to the bed with the paddle.

“No way, I hate that thing!” Kate gently stomped her foot and refused to move.

“Katherine Rose, now,” his voice was firm and steady. Reluctantly, she moved towards the bed and placed her hands flat on the disheveled comforter.

“Pants down.” Kate’s gasp of surprise was met with a firm pat from the paddle; just enough encouragement to make her stand up and quickly push her jeans to her knees, white panties in place.

“Good girl. Now, if you can manage to stay in position, not reach back, and keep your wriggling to a minimum, you can keep your panties on. If not, they’ll come down and we’ll start over. Ready?” Max moved to his nervous girlfriends left side and rubbed the paddle across her panty clad bottom.

“Uh um, yes sir,” she managed to say before the first pop landed.

“Oh, you’re to get twenty. Count them,” the second one was falling before Kate could process what she’d heard. Quickly she squeaked out, “Two sir!” Kate gripped the blanket as the swats came down harder and harder with each increasing number called out. At one point she was afraid he would start over when she was barely able to stumble over the world “Sixteen” and forgot to say “sir” until prompted.

As the last two loomed, tears had started to roll down her cheeks, “P-please daddy, n-no more.”

“Two more love, and they’re going to be hard. Don’t forget to count.” Max tapped Kate’s bottom with the paddle twice between bringing it down sharply to the soft under curve of her upturned bum. When she cried out, he pressed down firmly on her lower back, arching it and forcing her bottom out more. Once she has counted the stroke, he let the paddle fall for the final time.

“Owwow, t-twenty, sir,” Kate whispered amidst tears and her running nose.

Max placed the paddle lightly on the bed, removing his hand from Kate’s lower back and helping her to stand. Max sat on the bed and pulled his sniffling girl to sit on his lap, gently, and held her until she was finished crying.


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