R/L: Paddled

I spent the entire morning reading.  Aside from a break to take the dog for a walk and grab some lunch, I had been reading some of my favorite spanking stories.  Engrossed in the paddling of Christy by her father Haley (and lovingly written by the real life couple) I had felt the itch grow.  I had been re-reading them all for nearly a week and today was the pinacle.

Laying tummy down on the couch, tapping my mouse pad every few seconds to scroll, I felt myself squirm with every rise and fall I read on the screen.  Thinking about spankings I got, I couldn’t really imagine myself in Christy’s place, but I wanted to be.  Oh how I wanted to be!

To be lovingly taken across my “fathers” knee, my jeans around my ankles, my bottom quickly bared.  A few gentle pats from a cold palm – soon to become warm.  The tightening of his arm around my waist, his weight pressing into my lower back, forcing me into position as well as rendering me completely helpless.  My bottom, quite white, pointed towards the sky, simply awaiting the assault of his hand.

I wanted it.  And I needed it.  I looked up at Max who was sitting nearby working on his computer.

“I want a spanking,” I said.

“Later, love,” was his response.  He barely looked up.  I nodded and continued scrolling through my story.

Max got up a few minutes later and moved his work to the bed, where he often thought best, at his most relaxed.  As he puzzled over a budget I scurried down the hallway and slid the door closed behind me, Brandi slid in before I could get it closed.

Snuggling up next to Max, pushing his arm up and around me so my head was on his shoulder, I muttered into his shirt, “Please spank me! Maybe nothing big, just a paddling or something.  Something warm but not big.”

He glanced over and smiled, “Get me a paddle and it’s done.”

“Six pops!” I giggled at him.

“How about 8, for good measure.” He raised his eyebrow and patted my bottom.  I got up, and rummaged through our toy box for a paddle.  I asked him what he wanted and he said “Something wood” and I found my long school style paddle.  He said it was perfect.  I ran out to go pee and give the dog some treats to keep her quiet.  Bribery usually works.

I tossed them under the couch to distract her and ran back to the bedroom, closing the door behind me.

Max patted the bed with the paddle and said “You can put your hands right here.”

I bent over, and the excitement left me.  Replaced by butterflies and nervous tension, I spread my legs slightly and he placed a hand on my lower back, “Arch it.”

I did.

He pulled my shorts and panties right down.  There would be no warm up!  The pressure on my lower back increased and the paddle touched my cheeks ever so slightly.

The rise and fall this time was behind me, and real.  This wasn’t words on a screen!  I had actually asked for this.

When the first stroke hit, the long paddle mostly fell on my right cheek.  I squealed and said “Just one cheek!?” and he pushed me back down, tapping my bum with the paddle.

After four I was biting the blanket and slow tears were rolling down my cheeks.  I can honestly say I had never had a cold school type paddling like that before.  I was laying flat on the bed, my feet extended when the 8th swat finally fell.  It was hard and sort of caught the underside of my bum.

Quickly, before I could get up, he added another to the left side with the comment, “For good measure. And to even out the color.”

After placing the paddle on the bed he started to quickly hand spank me.  It didn’t last long and when he was done, I was bright red, which is a rarity.

It was wonderful.  I pulled my shorts up and skipped to the bathroom to look.  What a delightful sight!

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