FIC: Max & Kate In The City: Subway Doors

Another fiction, but similar scenario’s have happened before 🙂

– Marie


Racing down the stairs at the 8th ave station, Kate calls behind her, “Hurry, someone’s holding the door!”

Max shakes his head and doesn’t change his pace. When he reaches the platform, Kate is slightly winded from the sprint.  “We’ll get the next one, no rush.” He can tell she is annoyed with him.

“Yeah but we could have made that one if you weren’t so slow!” She huffs and starts walking toward the middle of the platform.

“Hey, hey, the next train will be here in a matter of minutes! And we don’t have anywhere to be at a specific time.” Max catches up to Kate and places a hand on her shoulder, looking her in the eye.

“Yeah, ok,” she realizes the next train probably isn’t far off, but they could have been on that one!

“Watch your tone,” the admonishment was accompanied by a swift swat to her backside.  Blushing furiously, she scowls up at Max, hoping no one saw the childish penalty.

“Young lady!”

“Alright! I mean, yes sir. I’m sorry.” Kate looks at her feet and let’s Max hug her as the next train comes to a stop in the station.

‘Boy that was quick…’ thought Kate.  As they got on the train and snagged two seats near the end of the car, Kate told Max, “I could have held the door, but you weren’t walking fast enough.”

“No, that’s dangerous, and really annoying to the people on the train.  If I ever see you holding the train doors, I will cane you.”  Max turned his attention back to the copy of the Onion he had picked up the day before.  Kate stared at him, incredulous.

“Whatever, it’s not that big of a deal,” Kate settled into a game of Brick Breaker on her phone.  Max turns her face with his right hand so she’s looking at him.

“What?” she asks, annoyed.

“Whatever, young lady?  You know how I feel about that word.  You’re going to regret saying that,” he lets her go and returns to his paper.

Thirty minutes later they’re exiting the subway in Union Square.  Their first stop is Starbuck’s, on the way to Barnes & Noble.  Once inside, Max set off looking for a specific ghost story, and Kate headed for the fiction section.

An hour later they were warming their hands in a booth at Heartland Brewery, their purchases tucked beside them, coats resting in the corners of their seats.  Max ordered them each a lagar and lime and an appetizer of nachos.

As they started in on the cheese covered tortilla chips, Max spoke seriously, “Love, you know I was serious about holding the train doors, right?  That’s really dangerous, what if the conductor doesn’t see you and doesn’t re-open them?”

Kate hadn’t thought of that but had never seen it happen in all the times she’d witnessed it done, “I suppose that’d be bad, but I don’t think that would happen.  Although it is pretty annoying for someone to hold the train, especially if I couldn’t find a seat and want to get home quickly.”

Max shakes his head, “but it could happen hon, and I’d hate for it to happen to you.  So no holding the train doors ok? And we’ll discuss that ‘whatever’ when we get home.”  Aside from her wide eyes and slight pout, Kate was unable to react due to their food arriving.

When the plates had been cleared and the bill paid, Max led Kate, with a hand on her bottom, outside and towards the train.  The lively conversation during dinner and the brisk walk to the train had completely removed their earlier conversation from the front of her mind.  Soon she sped down the stairs and towards the waiting train, Max only a few steps behind her.  She darted her hand between the doors and pulled it out quickly, just enough for them to re-open and them to make the train.

“Kate! No!” Max sprinted down the stairs, and pulled her out of the door and away from the train.  The crowd on the platform moved for the two, who stumbled against the back of a stairway.

“Why did you try and hold the doors?” Max asks, incredulous, pinning her against the wall.

“I..I..,” tears welled up in her eyes as their earlier chat came back to her.  She felt her stomach sink and leaned back. “I’m sorry.”

Grabbing her, he squeezes her shoulders gently, but firmly.

“We’ll discuss this when we get home,” Max’s stare turns Kate’s expression grave. ‘Why did I do that?’ she thinks. After a few stops they’re able to get seats and Max pulls Kate close as he reads his paper.

Back At Home…

The walk home was silent, and Kate waited, not very patiently, as Max unlocked the door.  Before she could set her bag down, he took it from her, and sent her down the hall with not a word, or order, just a pat on the bottom.

She didn’t need an order.  Without being told, Kate went into the bedroom, unfastened her jeans, and pushed them to her knees.  She wasn’t sure what he would use; she’d never done something so blatantly unsafe before, especially after being warned.  While contemplating the implements, Kate piled three pillows in the center of their bed and sniffling, climbed over them.

Silently, she waited for him.  She heard the tap in the kitchen, the refrigerator door, and then he went into the bathroom.  ‘This is it,’ she thought.  Her bottom had actually started to tingle as she heard him wash his hands and then the door behind her opened.

“Good girl,” was all he said.  She didn’t dare look up, but clutched the bedspread instead, and buried her face.  Much to her dismay, the next sound Kate heard, was the distinct and subtle swoosh of a leather belt leaving a pair of jeans.  It was tugged quickly from it’s resting place around Max’s hips, and quietly folded over.

Gripping the end with the buckle Max laid it across Kate’s bottom and began to lecture.

“Do you remember our conversation from dinner?”

“Y-yes sir,” came the muffled reply.  She knew he would prefer if she lifted her head and spoke louder, but he would accept it as long as it was the acceptable yes or no followed by sir or daddy.

“Do you remember me specifically telling you not to ever hold the doors for yourself, or me?”

At first Kate only nods, but quickly adds, “Yes daddy.”  She felt like he was always gentler when she regressed and started calling him daddy.  Eventually, her head-space would be there, so there was no harm done in speeding up the process, right?

“Alright.  I want you to take this like a good girl, love.  It’s going to be hard, and I am not going to accept any undue wriggling or kicking.  Keep your hands in front or I’ll strap the backs of your thighs.”  This last statement was met with a whimper and Kate clenched her bottom unconsciously.

By the time she’d convinced her bottom cheeks to unclench the first searing stroke had landed across the fullest point of her upturned bottom.  She sucked in a quick breath of air as the second hissed down, just below the first.  The third was just above the first.

With each stroke, the stinging burn built until Kate called out.  She wasn’t required to count them and had lost count around 20.

“Ayyeee! Please!”

“Hush,” was all he said.

The tears came during the next five, and she was sure her bottom was blistered – at least that’s how it felt.  Blubbering she started getting vocal.

“Ow! Ouccchh! Please! Daddy, I’m sorry! No more, please!”


“S-s-sto-op-p,” came a long wail.

“Young lady, I’ll stop when I decide to, and not before.”

She was unable to keep herself stoic any longer and began to kick her feet on the bed.  This was allowed, as long as she didn’t raise her feet any higher than necessary and block her bottom, or the belt.  If so, she was sure he wouldn’t hesitate to land his strokes lower.

A moment later he stopped.

But he wasn’t finished.

“Katherine Rose.”

A cough and sniffle came before she answered, “Y-es daddy?”

“I want you to take this last twelve well, and we’ll be through,” she couldn’t see the tears in his eyes, and her own sobbing blocked the shaking in his voice. “I want you to count them properly.  If you miss, it won’t count.  I won’t start over, this time, but it will be repeated.  I want those feet flat on the bed and your hands out in front of you.”

Nodding, she stretched her fingers out, wincing as her nails had been pressed into her palms for so long.  Not being able to clutch the blanket or a pillow was part punishment in itself, and a true test of her obedience and submission.  He almost always encouraged her to hold something while she was being spanked.

When she had relaxed her body, the first stroke landed.  Much louder than she had meant, she called out, “One,sir!” and on until ten.  She stumbled over her words and had to stop.

“Please, jus…minute,” she got out as she steadied her breathing, and firmly said, “Ten, sir.”

“Alright love, these last two are going to be the hardest,” he watched as her body flinched with that statement.  “Place your hands next to each other.”

Confused, Kate brings her hands together, and for the first time, looks up.  Max looks down at her, feeling sad, protective, and angry all at once.  Her eyes are puffy and red, cheeks tear stained, and her hair is tousled.  The brief moment they make eye contact brings a new flood of tears to her eyes and she buries her face in the bed again.

Quickly, so she can’t stop him, Max slides one of his ties off the hanger in the closet and secures her wrists together in front of her.

“Noooo!” Kate wails, pulling on the tie.  She realizes that not only is it quite tight, but she doesn’t have much fight left in her.  Giving up, she lays her head down, so she can see Max; so he can see her face.  She knew she was punishing him by doing so, but she needed to see his face.  She needed to know he wasn’t enjoying this.

She knew soon enough.  The last two strokes fell so rapidly she was unable to count.  They were indeed hard, falling just below the curve of her bottom.  A curse and a blessing – the stripes fell on untouched skin, giving her bottom a break, and yet landed on the most sensitive part of her body, likely to sting and throb for days.

As her body shook with sobs, Kate wiped her nose on her arm.  Her wrists still bound, she heard Max sliding his belt back around his waist.

“I am going to let you calm down for five minutes.  I will untie your wrists when I come back.”  Max left the room, leaving the door open.  He went strait to the bathroom and washed his face, wiping away the streaks left from salty tears.  After washing his hands and getting a drink of water, he went back into the bedroom.

Kate was no longer crying, she had fallen asleep.  Tears were resting on her cheek and nose as  her head was nestled between her arms and she slept.  Undressing, Max sat down on the side of the bed, gently removing the tie from her wrists and slipping underneath the blanket, pulling it over her.

As he held her close, and kissed the tears off her face, his own fell on the pillow between them.


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